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Madagascar/Ice Age

Since it's cold and dreary outside, I decided to be a big kid and celebrate some 3D animated films - Ice Age and Madagascar (I and II). Ice Age is probably my favourite of all the 3D films... Nemo might be better animation, but Ice Age is just so much fun. And has Diego.

Quotes and pictures are from Wikiquote or IMDB.
Credit to quoteymcquote is appreciated but not required.


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Infocom Geekery

NaNoWriMo icons will be on their way in a few days, but I couldn't resist these. The idea was planted in a conversation with mrkgnao, but it took me a long time to get round to making them.

Anyway, sometimes one needs to wear one's geek badge in full view.
Credit to quoteymcquote is appreciated. These took a lot longer to make than my usual icons :-)

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Icon Requests and Suggestions

If you have any suggestions or requests, feel free to post them here. Nothing's guaranteed, but if I think I could do a decent job I might have a go :-)

On my to-do list...
More Good Omens
More Firefly
Stand-up comedians
Monty Python
Father Ted
Shakespeare quotes
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Life On Mars/Black Books

This times there are a few from Life on Mars, and a few more from Black Books. Quotes were taken from Wikiquote, except for Number 14 which I had to Google.

Help yourselves :-) Credit is appreciated but not required.
There is a naughty word under the cut. There is also an example of Gene Hunt's extremely un-PC humour, but I think the icon makes the context clear enough to prevent it from being offensive. If you disagree, though, please let me know.

Life on Mars

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Black Books

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