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quoteymcquote's Journal

Quotey McQuote
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Quote-based icons by Migratory
This is yet another icon journal, I'm afraid. They're text-based for the most part, and geeky almost without exception.

Icons posted to this community are for the use of anyone who wants them, and you're welcome to use them off LJ - for example on MSN or IJ. After all, it all contributes to my achievement of that ultimate life dream - to be famous on the internet.
Credit to quoteymcquote is appreciated if you use my icons, but it's not compulsory. If, however, you use mine without credit while then insisting that yours MUST BE CREDITED!!111, rest assured I'm laughing at you.

Requests are always welcomed, though I can't guarantee I can fill them. I do accept bribes, however, which may increase your chances. Considering the current economic climate, unstamped gold is preferred, but hard currency is acceptable if it's in Sterling or Euros.
acceptably high bribes, accepting bribes, books, discworld, icon, icons, poetry, quotations, quotes, terry pratchett, unmarked gold bullion